Don’t know how to work in ‘After Effects’ or how to customize a template? No worries! we can customize it for you. There are different levels of customization we offer:

    Level 1: Fee $50

    We will insert your media (images & videos), replace text & set render settings as per your requirements & send you that customized template in zipped format which you can render at your own end.

      Level 2: Fee $100

      We will insert your media (images & videos), replace text as per your requirements & also render it out in your desired Resolution (HD, NTSC or PAL etc) to any one format of your choice i.e. AVI, QuickTime, Flash etc.

        Level 3: Request a quote

        You can request a quote if you want us to do specific jobs like: color correction, photo isolation, footage editing, voice-over, additional renderings etc. Note: For some of our services we charge at hourly basis.

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          ** If you are ordering customization then you don’t need to buy a template first. You can pay a template price plus a customization fee together over here.
          # We will insert your content without changing the length or animation settings.